COMM11110 BLOG #5

Published on Wednesday 11th May 2016

Implementation of a Public Relations Campaign


Figure One: Public relations, Source: Google Images

Melichar (2015) suggests that successful PR campaigns utilise effective communication methodologies to ensure that all campaign goals and objectives have been achieved.

A successful PR campaign commences with three main elements;

  • Identifying campaign goals and objectives (CQUniversity, 2016)
  • Developing a suitable campaign message that will allow the campaigns goals and objectives to be achieved (CQUniversity, 2016)
  • Outline appropriate communication methodologies needed for the organisation to communicate campaign goals and objectives in a manner that appeals to the right target public (Harrison, 2005)

All organisations in the public relations sector should recognise the impact that social media channels, especially twitter, are having on the success of PR campaigns, along with the organisation’s public reputation (Wilcox et al., 2013, p. 246).

Bonilla (2015) advocates the utilisation of the hashtag (#) on twitter is a convenient method for somebody searching for updated news on an unfolding event. Hashtags allow an individual to retrieve information about a specific topic or issue (Bonilla, 2015). It could be suggested that the utilisation of the hashtag has evolved as an effective way for attracting individuals interested in a specific topic (Dugan, 2011).

Organisations also utilise the ‘@’ symbol (The Twitter Glossary, 2016). The ‘@’ symbol is utilised to direct a post to someone, allows messages to be sent, allows organisations to reply to others and to re-post tweets (The Twitter Glossary, 2016).

A prime example of a PR organisation that has adopted the use of twitter is the North Queensland Cowboys NRL football team. The Cowboys currently utilise a twitter account (nthqldcowboys) that is filled with motivational photographs and posts that create a positive public image for the organisation (North Queensland Cowboys Twitter , 2009).

It is evident from the organisations twitter account that the sporting organisation is constantly keeping its supporters informed with current news on the players and on the club itself (North Queensland Cowboys Twitter , 2009). This is portrayed in the below post where the organisation has published extensive details outlining the clubs successful win over the Manly Sea Eagles last week (North Queensland Cowboys Twitter , 2009).

cowboys twitter 1

Figure Two: North Queensland Cowboys, Source: Twitter

Another media release published by the organisation that has demonstrated excellent PR is the post explaining why Cowboys fullback, Lachlan Coote decided to stay with the Cowboys team (North Queensland Cowboys Twitter , 2009). This is portrayed in the below tweet.

tweet 3 - use this one

Figure Three: North Queensland Cowboys, Source: Twitter

As this sporting organisation continues to grow and foster strong public relationships in the media, it can be argued that the organisation’s actions are seen as deliberate acts of public relations. This would be considered effective PR as it is improving the organisation’s public image. As a result, it could be argued that the organisation continues to prosper in the media. The actions of this sporting club are becoming more prevalent amongst the public and of PR practitioners.

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